Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catching Up...

My oh my...the past few weeks have flewn right by!
Although I haven't posted - I've been very busy sewing.
Do you like these little Birdie Pin Cushions? My DIL and I made them for a pin cushion swap held at our local quilt club meeting.

We stuffed the little birds with crushed walnut shells for weight and to keep the pins sharp once inserted into them.

I've also spent time catching up on my blocks for the Civil War BOM.
Although I don't post pictures weekly, I do update my Civil War chart on my sidebar. I've been trying never to get more than 2 weeks behind on these.
(the key word here is

On a Nervous Note... I shipped my Doll Quilt Exchange package off to Heather in Canada a week ago.
There is a major Postal strike going on there :{
I haven't shared any pictures of the quilt I designed and made especially for her so that she can be surprised when her package arrives. So I shall continue to nervously wait until her little quilt has arrived safely to her doorstep.

In lieu of their postal strike I feel a bit guilty to say that I have received some WONDERFUL goodies in the mail the past couple of weeks. I'll be sure to share more about these in my next post.

every quilt tells a story...


  1. The pincushions are so much fun and made with your DIL! Love the CW blocks. Hope your doll quilt arrives safely!!

  2. Wonderful CW blocks. The birdie pincushins are darling sitting up on the rail----I wonder if the real birds are thinking how did those birds get such colorful feathers!! <:)

    Hope you doll quilt reaches Heather okay.


  3. I do love those bird pincushions. very cute.
    hopefully the quilt will make it safe and sound to its destination.

  4. Just look at those adorable little birds sitting on your railing ! Just ADORABLE ! I just love those CW blocks ! This quilt is going to be GORGEOUS ! Hoping your little doll quilt makes it safely to Canada .

  5. Nice to read you again and with such lovely works you make. Your birds and your Civil War block are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow...look at you go on the DJ. You are going to have that one done in record time. As usual, too, your civil war blocks are beautiful.

  7. Hi Doreen...
    You are like me...too busy to blog!!
    I really love your civil war quilt. It is a favorite of all of the quilts you have made so far...I think it must be the red, white and blue. I have always loved the combination.
    Your little birdies are adorable.
    Hope your parcel gets there soon...I can tell you, living in Canada...the strike has been a nuisance and they are now legislating them back to work...could be another week before the mail starts moving again. Heather will get it eventually.

    Hope all is well with you and your family.
    I'll send you an email.
    Hugs, Nancy W.

  8. I haven't blogged much lately either, your DJ is coming along well as are your CW blocks (I'm behind on them) the little birdies are so cute, all lined up on the rail as if they are going to fly away.

  9. I love the little bird pincushions! I have a small similiar pattern of a bird pincushion somewhere, I should try and get it out and have another look at it LOL!!
    Your CW blocks are lovely! and I agree I try and not get behind on these, otherwise I would feel a bit overhwhelmed at trying to catch up!!!

  10. Well, no little quilt yet... And of course that means no little quilt for you either. :{ Very sad indeed. However, it's been great to read our new posts and keep busy with other blogg things while I wait for my mailbox to fill up again.


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