Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Displaying tiny treasured quilts

I LOVE to create small & miniature quilts.
The quilt shown above measures 7" square.
I chose 1820's reproduction Madder red & black print fabrics and an early 1800's shirting for the background.

Because it was a special gift for Nell, I hand quilted it and decided to set it into an 8" frame.

Here is another little gift I created. This time for my blogging friend Carolyn.

The little quilt block that I framed measures approx. 2.5" x 3"
I embellished the framing mat with a teeny 1" colonial acorn doll that I made from wool felt, a wooden bead and an acorn cap.

I sent this off to her along with a doll exchange quilt a few months ago.

I would love to see how other quilters are displaying and/or gifting their tiny quilted treasures! I am always looking for new ideas!

every quilt tells a story....


  1. So cute and incredible how tiny they are! Lovely!

  2. Lovely miniature quilt!! And your gift is also looking nice and fun with a little doll. Very inspiring...

  3. These are lovely, I would never have thought of doing this with quilt blocks. Did you hand piece or machine piece them? It would also be a great way to use up all those tiny pieces or perhaps make a feature of a tiny piece of really lovely fabric that would perhaps get lost in a large quilt.

  4. You miniature framed quilts are so beautiful!!! I love the little dolls too, gorgeous!!!

  5. I use my smallest quilts under candles, pictures, etc around the house, and hang the rest on the walls as decor. Someone mentioned using magnets and decorating the fridge! That was a new one to me. I like the idea of displaying them folded in pretty baskets as well.

  6. I love those miniature quilts. Just beautiful!

  7. I'm with you. Show off your little quilts any way you can. They are so precious and worthy of attention.

  8. Oh Doreen...these are just gorgeous! I share your love of all things little...
    Such lovely gifts.
    I love your Jane squares...the quilt is really looking lovely. I am going to start mine in June. I will be caught up by then..and I'm hoping to be able to hand sew outside while it is nice.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Nancy

  9. Oh how I love your Miniature quilts ! I just love your idea framing them. They are truly pieces of art !

  10. oh how I love miniature quilts but I just find it so hard to work that little
    I am in awe of your little quilt as I love stars!

  11. I have not made many miniature quilts but do find them to be special pieces. Your star piece caught my eye immediately. A wonderful little piece.

  12. Doreen your miniature quilt is so beautiful, and all your DJ blocks are very pretty, and you are fast, over one hundred already. Well done.

  13. Hello Doreen, you know how much I adore the little acorn doll that you gave me along with the darling quilt you made!!!!! I have the quilt on top of an old trunk and the framed acorn doll is on a shelf in my sewing room for me to view everyday! And when friend come to stitch with me I show her off!

    The framed stars are lovely too--- so, is the darling little doll beside it.

    Hope you are having a delightful weekend with your family.

    Hugs, Carolyn :)

  14. I love these little quilts. Who would have thought to frame them? They are just perfect and the little doll is precious. You are so clever.

  15. Oh, those are wonderful and the doll just really is so sweet next to the block.


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