Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Received my Doll Exchange Quilt

My package from the Doll Quit Exchange arrived.
My swap partner is Carolyn of Lee Prairie Designs.
I really LOVE the little quilt she made for me!
My favorite doll Emma agrees....look how perfectly it fits on her bed! I've been totally spoiled. Carolyn also made the most darling pillow & case to match Emma's Quilt!
If these weren't wonderful enough (which they are) Carolyn also made a beautiful needlepoint pillow and a fabric covered journal that matches my beautiful doll quilt.
This exchange has been such a fun and rewarding experience!
Carolyn's package is on the way...I hope she is equally pleased with her little quilt!

every Quilt tells a story...


  1. Hi Aunt Reen,I LOVE the quilt that you received! It is just beautiful, what a great treasure you have. A special gift!!!

    I am sure she is going to love the quilt you have made!!

    Hugs to you,

  2. It is a great quilt, and I am glad that Emma agrees!

  3. How nice! What a perfect quilt she made for you along with a cute pillows!!

  4. Well you are the spoiled one!
    Just love the little quilt, pillow, journal and needlepoint bunny. They are just so adorable. I love your doll Doreen. She is really lovely.

    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  5. Isn't that lovely, I love the edging on the little pillow.

  6. Well doesn't Emma look all pretty in her new dress with her new quilt , matching pillow , journal and needlepoint bunny.

    Doreen you deserve to be SPOILED !

  7. I love that little quilt!!! My favorite block--churn dash---and the little pillow with ruffle, and stitched pillow....oh my goodness, they are just adorable!

  8. Doreen, Thank you for the adorable vignette you created with what I made for you. Love the darling doll bed and Miss. Emma is as precious as she can be! I enjoyed every stitch I took making the little doll quilt for you.

    I will be looking forward to receiving the doll quilt you have made for me!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  9. What a good trade quilt. The little quilt is made well and the colors good.

  10. Catching up on blog posts and spotted yours. You lucky girl!! What a wonderful doll quilt! Carolyn outdid herself.

  11. Oh, that quilt is so awesome. I can't even imagine making one that small.

  12. WOWSA! Love this post and the pictures! The doll bed with matching linens is awesome. I now have some inspiration for what to do with my little doll bed! Now I just need a sweet little doll like one of yours! We are swap partners for Christine's Swap#2! So nice to meet you and read all about you on your blog!

  13. Wow! I really like the pattern on that doll quilt. It looks vintage and little ethnic at the same time, which is quite hard to achieve in design. Carolyn must be so talented! I just wish your doll Emma didn't look so sad in the photo. LOL!
    - Chris Jeffery


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