Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All caught up on 1880's Sampler blocks

I confess, I made a couple of the easier blocks out of order first.
(shhhh..... let's keep this just between us)
With a bit more time now and Cheryl's terrific block tutorials I was able to finish the final 2 of the 6 completed blocks thus far in the series.

The block shown above is block #15 and the one below is block #10.

Before I sit too comfy on my Chair of Accomplishments I am reminded that another wonderful block is soon to follow.

every Quilt tells a story.....


  1. They do look complicated. You did a beautiful job on them though.

  2. Doreen your blocks are lovely. I can't believe one block has 64 pieces, that's why they turn out so beautiful, lots and lots of love and WORK! I'm enjoying your quilt along with Cheryl, beautiful color scheme.

  3. I love these blocks too, but I'm not going to look at Cheryl's blog, I've got enough on my plate I think. Just waiting for some fabric to arrive for my Civil War blocks.

  4. Good job, Doreen. We both have the same bubblegum pink fabric in our blocks! I drafted 3 more this week. Ready for Barbara Sat. am!

  5. Congrats on getting caught up on your sampler blocks ! Just love the pink and brown color fabrics you have chosen


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