Friday, January 14, 2011

1880 Sampler - Cheryl's Sew-along

Here are the first 2 small blocks I made from instructions provided at Cheryl's 1880's Sampler sew-along blog!
Cheryl is recreating the fabulous sampler quilt originally made by Barbara Bucher Snyder of Lancaster County Pennsylvania back in 1880.

I really LOVE this quilt! It will be a longer term project for me. I'm hoping to complete it perhaps sometime in 2012.

Look at the tiny 1/2" squares & bars in this Corner Stone block.
The pink fabric I'm using for the blocks is from Charity "collection for a cause" by Moda. The rest of the fabrics I chose are primarily Jo Morton prints.

This one was a bit challenging for me when it came to matching up the background bead-chain stripes. A non-directional print would have been much easier as the sewing itself was fairly simple.

If you'd like to see the quilt and follow along with Cheryl you can find her link on my sidebar or simply click onto the picture below and it will take you to her free Sew-along blog!
every quilt tells a story.....


  1. Oh Doreen,

    These blocks are just GORGEOUS and SO tiny and intricate. The fabrics are just perfect ! How fun for you to do a sew along with Cheryl

  2. Simply stunning! Thank you for sewing along with me. Time to get back to the drawing board!

  3. Beutiful blocks! I wish I could say something else rather than just beautiful, but they are!! I love your color theme and itty bitty squares in yellow.

  4. Doreen, These blocks are beautiful and so precisely pieced!! I'm very tempted to join.


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