Monday, October 18, 2010

Scrappy Streak of Lightning sashing for Cheryl's SAL

These instructions are for creating an alternate "scrappy" streak of lightning sashing for Cheryl's Miniature Sampler quilt. This beautiful pattern is being offered as a FREE tutorial Sew-Along on Cheryl's Blog.
To make this scrappy setting - you would replace the cutting instructions that Cheryl used for the Medium/Dark blue triangle sections with the instructions below.

I used an assortment of medium/light, medium and dark fabrics for the pieced sections that make up the Streak of Lightning sashing.
To will need to cut these fabrics into 2.25" squares. Cut each square once in half diagonally. I don't like to trim off the little points later on so to eliminate that step I trim them off before sewing my pieces together. (optional)
If you'd like to do this as well - measure over 2" on your ruler (from the straight side of the triangle) and trim off the points using your rotary cutter. You will need to turn and repeat this on the opposite side of the triangle piece as well.

Now you will need to group and sew your triangle pieces together in sets of 4's to make the Streak of Lightning triangle sectons. (as shown in the photo below)
Once the sections are sewn to the sampler block - the unfinished block will measure 6.25" giving you a 5.75" finished block.

Only 2 little rules/tricks involved in keeping the triangle sections compatible:

RULE #1 is that 2 of the corner triangle sections for each block are made with 3 dark or medium/dark outside triangles and the other 2 triangle sections are made with 3 medium/light outside triangles. For example: The top left & bottom right triangle sections are mostly darks and the top right and bottom left triangle sections are mostly med/lt in the basket block shown below. Of course - instead of color TONES you could always apply the same method using 2 different color groups, fabrics etc.
RULE #2 is....horizontal rows ONE and THREE will have the dark corner triangle sections sewn identical (example - top left and bottom right sections are made from the darker sections) and row TWO will have the sections sewn in the opposite order...(now the top left and bottom right sections are the lighter sections)

Although I have all of my sampler blocks complete, I am still working on my sashing sections. The picture below shows individual blocks completed by row. They are NOT sewn into rows yet...but you can sort of see the scrappy streak of lightning pattern emerging. Once the rows are sewn the pattern will become more pronounced.

I think I'm going to make my quilt similar to Cheryl's with the floating stars.
With my sister ill and in the hospital this past week I haven't had time for sewing. Perhaps later this week I may be able to finish this up and get more pictures posted.

every Quilt tells a story....


  1. Hope your sister returns to health soon. Love the setting. Makes me want to make another in the same colors and setting! I know a few friends who will be happy when they get these instructions.

  2. Hoping your sister is home soon and well. I just love these AMAZING quilt blocks. The fabric is just gorgeous and I LOVE your " Scrappy Streak of Lightning sashing"

  3. Hope your sister is doing better and will be home soon.

    I love your quilt blocks. Your fabrics are wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing and your "sweet" comment on my blog!

    Carolyn :)

  4. Oh...I just love the colors you have chosen....these blocks are just wonderful!

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I absolutely love your blocks! The colors are warm and the whole quilt is so inviting! My oh my am I glad to have stumbled across you!

  6. I like the browns & blacks in your blocks.

  7. I really love your blocks! Perfect colors...oh, don't tempt me with another quilt!!

  8. What a AMAZING quilt Doreen !! I just love the fabrics in browns & blacks you chose ! PERFECT!!


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