Friday, October 29, 2010

My Favorite FALLOWEEN Projects

I LOVE Autumn and the not-so-scary side of Halloween. I like to refer to this season of decorating as Falloween. Above is a small table quilt that I designed and created back in July for Falloween. I started with an old traditional block pattern from the early 1800's titled Spider Web. I added a few extra "web strings" to the design and then free-hand cut spider bodies from wool and applique'd them to the top. The stitchery Web, spider legs and lettering were all created using black perle cotton.

Below are pictures of more Falloween projects I've completed within the past couple years.

Haunted Hill is a pattern I purchased from Keepsake Quilting and Pumpkin Seeds is by QuiltSmart. Candy Corn is a quilt pattern I designed back in 2006. Happy Falloween!

every Quilt tells a story...


  1. What wonderful quilts you have made the last couple of years. It is impossible to choose a favorite I LOVE THEM ALL !!!!

  2. How clever to make a spiderweb quilt that has a real spiders. It's a perfect theme for "Falloween"! Also we loved "split jacks" in your slide show.

  3. I loved the new Falloween quilt and split jacks. Great body of work!

  4. Love your side show! The spiderweb quilt is great!

    "Happy Boo and Scare day" Get your goodies out and be ready you never know who might be knocking at your door!!! :) Carolyn (BOO!)

  5. Hi Doreen...
    We are back from a little holiday. And I am just drooling over all of your fall quilts. This latest is lovely. The colors are just so pretty together. So talented!

    Hope you are keeping well...
    Talk soon,
    Hugs, Nancy

  6. They are so great. I do like the spider web one a lot.

  7. Beautiful examples of Falloween decorating, Doreen. I cannot believe it's already November. Where does the time go?
    Best Wishes,

  8. Very nice quilts Doreen. I like them all. Happy Falloween it will be X-mas before you know it.

    All the best

  9. I love your falloween spider web quilt! I've made just one block of spider web to see what I can do with it, but it has left there since then. Now I love yours so much and got motivated to make one like that for next year!! What a great inspirations. Thanks :)))


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